I’m not kawaii, I’m freakin macho.

If you’ve spent any time studying Japanese, living in Japan, or interacting with Japanese people, you have certainly learned by now that the phrase ‘kawaii’ かわいい! Is used by Japanese females more often than Americans use profanities.

My Japanese-English dictionary says that ‘kawaii’ means either, ‘pretty’, ‘cute’, ‘sweet’, ‘lovable’, ‘lovely’, ‘dear’, or ‘precious’…

That’s a lot of definitions, but considering how often it’s used, I’m not surprised.

As a foreigner in Japan, you’ll hear kawaii on many occasions. After about one month, it’ll probably get on your nerves. You’ll hear it when say something a little off in Japanese, you’ll hear it when you try to sing at karaoke, and if you ever go shopping… goodness.

In my opinion, it’s over used. I guess as you get older you’ll hear it less and less… I hope so anyway…






This is not Japan.

You may have already seen the ‘not Japan’ section of this site, but I thought I would explain it a little bit more.

I have met a lot of Japanese people, and it never ceases to amaze me the things that they find ‘amazing’ (read: ‘freaking strange’) about America that I never notice. Hence, I decided to take some pictures and throw that page together. Plus, it’ll be good for memories when I get back to Japan.

One of my Japanese friends who came over from Nagoya was -so- surprised at seeing squirrels running around everywhere in the states.

I didn’t notice until she mentioned that, but I really don’t recall seeing squirrels running around Japan… cats, yeah, but no squirrels… my friend went as far to say that you could see squirrels in the zoo in Japan, but that was about it….

Another thing that my friends constantly find hilarious are the colors of some American foods… blue cakes (as Mayumi mentions), green sports drinks, multi-colored cerials, the fun never stops. When a bottle of Windex, is the same color as a sports drink… You really do have to stop and wonder though… 毒みたい!








I wonder if I can post in Japanese….

Alright, it’s Japanese time.

A while ago, this journal I wrote about two months ago was laughed at by some of my Japanese friends. My Japanese isn’t so goo… yet… but I didn’t expect my journal (Whoops, Kanji mistake) to be laughed at!

The topic of that journal was normal, but the way I write my sentences seems to be stuck at a elementary school kids level. (Is that true even in English?) And, the stuff I wrote abou twasn’t even funny at all. (oh man another mistake, I mean ‘yappari’) When you’re writting sentences in Japanese, it’s better not to use phrases like ‘cyatta’, ‘blablah nonii…..’ or ‘shimatta’ as much as possible.

Now I get it.


Expiration Dates and MT

This is kinda neat. I’m noticing that a lot of the food I have in the fridge expires after I leave for Japan. That’s kinda cool. I’m even starting to see advertisements on TV for shows and movies and whatnot that are going to be out after I leave… that’s a weird feeling!

I’m starting to get the hang of this moveabletype stuff. It’s pretty neat. I can do all my journals from a comfy web interface, and they’re automatically archived as well.

Right now there are only like, 2 or 3 items in there, but if I can keep this writting thing up it should get pretty intersting after a while.

I think I can even insert images into this thing.

Hello Koizumi!

That’s all for now… back to tweaking…


New look, new backend!

I decided to redo the look of this site a little bit, this will give us more room to mess with.

I think I’ll turn the front page into somewhat of a diary format. This will give the front page some spice, something semi-interesting that will hopefully be updated regularly, and keep people coming back for more! Oh yeah! Or people will get tired of my weak writing style and decide never to come back again. That would suck. At any rate, the discussion board will always be around if anyone wants to hear from someone with something interesting to say.

In other news… I finally got my plane ticket to Japan. I’m outta here June 4th in case anyone wants to know. I got if from some agency actually, my mom did the calling for me, cause she’s got the money, heh. The ticket is one-way, and only cost about $580 something dollars! Yes. I have acquired a one-way ticket to Japan. One-way, no turning back. How cool is that?!

When I first arrive, I plan to stay with a friend somewhere in Tokyo, then after I get a few pay checks, I’ll move out on my own. Expect a nice partment ‘sagashi guide’ on this site when I start that adventure. It will probably be some what like our pal greggman’s!

Anyway, that’s enough for now. When I get to Japan, and get some loot, I’m gonna get a freakin Titanium Powerbook with OSX and mess with this page whenever the train is empty enough to sit down. Most likely, that will never be the case, and I’ll have to lose sleep in order to maintain the site… but whatever.

Cheesy Count Down Thing

Heh. Cheesy count down thing going on up there.

Okay. I can’t get married in Japan. I won’t. I plan to stay in Japan for ‘quite some time’, but, I won’t get married. Later on, if you see something posted on this site about my plans for a wedding… send me hate mail.

There are just so many other things to do! The way I see it, life is broken up into a few different stages. You’re born, you go to school, you go to college, you work, you get married, you have kids, and then you die. Sure, I’m missing a few of the details in between, but basically, that’s it! I’m in no hurry to speed up my life process. Heh.

Almost time to go to Japan… I’ve been to Japan before, three times actually… one six week homestay, one year long study abroad thing, and even a three week winter tourist romp. Even though I have had all these experiences, I’m still worried about going over again this time.

First of all, it must be said that I’m from Iowa. Sure, I’m from Des Moines, which is pretty much a nice pseudo-city, but still, it’s Iowa. I went to school in Indiana, which isn’t much more ‘lively’. Tokyo is going to be a change of scenery, that’s for sure.

Ah well. I’m going to figure out how to automate this journal thing sometime soon.

Enjoy the rest of the site!


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