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Management Recruiters Japanese lists high quality jobs, usually in management or interpretation for Japanese-English bilinguals. Jobs are for employment in both the US and Japan.

Careerforum.net - fairs

Every year Disco holds career fairs to which hundreds of companies come hoping to find bilingual employees to work in Japan. If you can conversate in Japanese, and want to work in Japan, this is a very effective place to start your job search.

I have had the opportunity to experience this job fair first hand, and have written a FAQ concerning the event.

Personal Opinions about the event.


Asia-Net.com is a professional community for professionals. A large part of Asia-net's community consists of professional business people, and technical people. Most of the job seekers who utilize the site have a university education, and are between the ages of 20-40 years old. If you are ready to find a serious job, this is the place to do it.


The JET program provides a way for students just graduating college to get started working in Japan. Through this program college graduates can get experience teaching English in Japan, working in governmental offices, or engage in international relations through sports. The JET program is paid well for Japanese standards.

Personal Opinions about the Jet Program.

Find A Teacher

An on-line service which allows teachers currently living in Japan to post their information so nearby students can contact them directly.


One of the largest Japanese-English job boards available. Clicking on the english site brings you to WorkInJapan.com. The Japanese site allows you to search by the usual variables; location, industry, language ability, and has an extensive list of opportunities available.


Most of the job listings are in Japanese. If you can handle it, this site is a great source for job openings in Japan.

CareerCross Japan

This website is similar to asia-net, but seems to have more opportunities available for people with only conversational level Japanese skills. The site seems well traveled, and there are many job postings available.


TokyoConnections.com attempts to be the ultimate guide for finding employment in Japan. There are tons of links here. Maybe too many. This is an interesting place to look around, if you get lucky, you may find a solid program.

MOGPA - internsinasia.com

MOGPA is a nonprofit organization that arranges internships in China and Japan for bilingual Americans. MOGPA's aim is to produce a corps of young Americans who have business or technical expertise, are bilingual and have an understanding of Asian culture and business practices.

The MOGPA internship program is only available to students in college, and can only be done if your school will give you college credit for the internship.

Fullbright - http://www.iie.org

Fullbright offers a scholarship for bright students wishing to spend a year studying abroad. These scholarships are all expenses, and most leisure paid. A nice package if you have what it takes.


WorkinJapan.com is dedicated to those who want to live and work in Japan. The website includes a job search engine that searches for jobs based on the candidates interests and skills.


Gaijinpot.com offers a mailing list with up to the minute job openings from major companies in Japan. The website also offers a well traveled discussion board where people can talk about various issues.

Syushoku Navi Nikkei

This site is entirely in Japanese, and full of information. Nikkei is an extremely large Japanese news company, so their information is extensive. If you can read Japanese, some good job hunting information can be had on this site.