July 21, 2004
Ramen in Kyoto

I went to this ramen shop in kyoto the other day.

I was showing a friend from Tokyo around Kyoto, and for some reason my friend wanted to eat Ramen... Which is strange, because Kyoto is not known for ramen at all.

Anyway, we asked the tourist guide place about any famous ramen shops in the area, and we were pointed to these two places, one called "新副菜間" (Shinhukusaikan) and another called "第一旭" (Daiichiasahi).

They are both famous, apparently 第一旭 has a saltier broth, while Shinhukusaikan has a really really dark broth with their ramen. They are both pretty unique tastes.

We chose to go to Shinhuku'. We went there at like, 3pm and the place was actually crowded, we had to wait about 5 minutes to get a seat. If you want to eat Ramen, you have three choices.

Small, Normal, and Large. (sho, nami, and dai) (小、並、大)

And... THE RAMEN. Click for a bigger picture. If you're hungry.

The location is very close to Kyoto station.

You go out the central gate, turn right, go down a narrow street until you interscet with the next largest street. Both shops are on the corner.

If you can't figure it out, you can generally ask any native to point you in the right direction.


Posted by Harvey at July 21, 2004 09:47 PM

mmmmmm ramen. that looks good. did it taste good?

Posted by: jieshi on July 21, 2004 02:42 PM

Man, I always forget to mention the most basic things in my posts...

Yeah it tasted pretty good! It's really a "strong tasting" broth. Like, 濃い。 You can see cause it's so black. Good though!

Posted by: Harvey on July 21, 2004 04:00 PM

Ask a native in Kyoto? I thought Kyoto was only for tourists- Japanese and non-Japanese... Could be hard to find!

Posted by: Roger on July 22, 2004 07:01 AM

aha! a fresher update!
good work, i check here daily

Posted by: jason on July 22, 2004 08:11 AM

Looks yummy if am ever in Kyoto let alone Japan i will try it out.

Posted by: Raul on July 24, 2004 06:29 AM

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