Life-sized Gundam Model in Tokyo

I had a chance to go check out the life-sized Gundam Model in Tokyo this month!

I’m not gonna lie. I have never watched a full episode of Gundam. I am not a true Gundam fan. I do however appreciate a giant robot anime every now and then… So, I’m not a “true” Gundam fan… but I still enjoyed seeing this unbelievably huge and intricate model!

Boom. There it is. Look at the size of the people on the ground to get an idea of the scale. Apparently it’s 80 18 meters (60 feet) high.

Tokyo Gundam in Odaiba

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It was great seeing this Gundam. Not only is it technically cool, but it was a lot of fun seeing all the different people who enjoy it! There were all kinds of people there! I was most surprised to see how many young women were posing in front of the giant robot getting their picture taken. Yes… Japan really is a country where girl geeks exist. A little off topic, but when I was in Japan last year to see Evangelion 3.0, I was surprised to see how many twenty-something year old girls were in the theater watching it as well. It’s a wonderful thing.

If you visit the Gundam you can also shop at the Gundam Cafe and at Gundam Front Tokyo for some exclusive Gundam swag. If you’re in Odaiba for any reason during a trip to Japan, make a point to check out Gundam. It’s pretty amazing.

Anyway, you don’t need to read about Gundam here — I’m late to the show. This Gundam model has been covered to death.

Here is an older video that shows the Gundam in its previous location also in Odaiba.

Here is a video clip of it at night, showing it emitting exhaust, and also showing the head turning side to side and looking up.

Here they are lowering the hed onto the Gundam… in Shizouka. They move this Gundam around!

Here is a video of the Gundam in Shizouka holding a sword and lighting up at night. A sword?? Is this the same one? Epic.

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