Shingo Nishinari – Osaka Local Rap

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Looking for some fun Japanese music to listen to?


The video features all the famous places in Osaka. Dotonbori Bridge, Tsutenkaku, Taiyou no Tou, and the entire video is in Kansai dialect. What more could you ask for?

It also includes funny commentary on Osaka life, like Grandma’s who talk super fast and non-stop, and

Chorus so you can sing along:

誰が何と言おうと 大阪UP! (dare ga nanto iouto Osaka Up!)
地元LOVEやろ? 大阪UP! (jimoto Love uaro? Osaka Up!)

Osaka Up! x2
Whatever anyone says, OSAKA UP!
Osaka Up! x2
Hometown love right!? Osaka Up!

That was fun.

Catch the lyrics to Osaka Up! here – unofficial but they seem to be correct.

You can follow Shingo Nishinari on Twitter.


  • Le Trong Linh

    dude… それ以外いうことがないんだったら黙れよ、ボケ!!
    the guy is working for the Osaka tourism office?

  • missu

    How did you know the song was in Kansai dialect? What keywords give it away? I’m curious.

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