Shared my Japanese Anki Deck

I just shared my Japanese Anki Deck!

It’s very personal. Basically when I see something I don’t know, I write it down, and then some day I stuff it into Anki. I have been using Anki for years, so this deck is monsterous. It has like 700+ cards and they are of no particular difficulty level. You may find some of the cards useless, and others may be quite practical.

Let me know what you think. Also let me know if you find any typos and mistakes in the comments and I’ll go in and clean them up.


Japannewbie’s Japanese Deck


  • I am a heavy user of flashcards, and I regularly get 1,000 new ones per month… so while 700 isn’t THAT many, I am nonetheless grateful. Thanks :D

    • 1000 per month is mad! I -do- continuously prune this deck, deleting crap that I have down pat or later realize is just so arcane it’s not worth keeping around. Having said that, I started using Anki very late in my Japanese studying career. I think I discovered it after I had already passed JLPT 1, which was back in 2003, so I wasn’t adding every single word under the sun, just random stuff I heard or read that I thought was important enough to make the deck. Also, just fun things that I didn’t want to forget.