Excellent Hamburg and Steak in Osaka

Had some delicous steak in the Kitashinchi area of Osaka a while ago after I saw it introduced on a Japanese TV show. If you’re looking for an awesome lunch in Osaka check it out. You can walk to Kitashichi from Umeda station (closest to Nishi-Umeda) in about 15 or 20 minutes, but there is also a Kitashinchi train stop on the JR line.

We had to line up to get in at lunch time. Also, the TV spot featured their hamburg lunch, but when we sat down at 1pm we were told the hamburg had sold out at about 12:30pm that day. Apparently the TV spot caught them a little off guard and brought in a ton of new customers so they had been scrambling. We did however get to try the steak lunch and it was delicious.

The lunch course is very filling. You get the main dish, a mini curry, and a coffee or tea at the end. The shop allows smoking, but when we were there for lunch there were very few, if any, people smoking.

Go eat meat.

Shop Details:
ステーキハウス 風靡(ふうび)
Steak House Fuubi
Hamburg Lunch 1,575 yen
■ 住所:大阪市北区堂島1-3-11 スタックビルB1F
Address: Osaka-shi Kita-ku Dojima 1-3-11 Stack Building (sutakku biru) Basement Level 1
■ TEL:06-6348-9886
■ 営業時間:ランチ 12:00~13:30 ※平日のみ
Hours: Lunch – 12 pm to 1:30 pm *weekdays only
ディナー 17:00~21:30
Dinner 17:00 to 21:30
■ 定休日:日曜・祝日
Regular Holidays: Sunday and national holidays
Steak Lunch: 2,625 yen
Tender loin Steak: From 12,600 yen 
※ Dinner only