Yodogawa Hanabi Taikai 2012

Summertime in Japan means festivals and fireworks displays!

I’m staying in Osaka now so I was able to check out Yodogawa Fireworks festival. There are also fireworks during Tenjin Festival, which I also went to, but locals all agree that Yodogawa Fireworks display is more spectacular on the fireworks front.

At Japanese fireworks events, usually called HANABI TAIKAI 花火大会 in Japanese, you can enjoy most of the same activities that you can see at a festival, but the fireworks are the main event. You’ll have stalls selling the usual Japanese festival food fair, and other stalls with mini-games that you can play for prizes. There will also be a insanely crowded area where people have claimed a place to watch the fireworks show!

Here are some photos I took during the Yodogawa Fireworks festival in early August. We watched the display from the Fukushima area.

I actually set up a tripod for some of these shots. My first outdoor tripod attempt actually. I have a long way to go.

If you are ever in Japan during the summer ask about “hanabi taikai” in your area. They are free to attend for the most part, tons of fun, and a very Japanese thing to do. The only thing you might spend money on is food, and if you want to be fancy you can purchase advance tickets to get seating in a special area. That’s it!

Good times for all.

Here is a video of last years show that I didn’t make.

Oh, and here’s one of this years!

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