Bright Siren by androp

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If you’re into Japanese rock and… camera flashes… you’ll probably find this to be pretty interesting. This is the video for the song Bright Siren by a Japanese band called androp.

They used 250 cameras to set this up. Pretty impressive in terms of scale!

Fun stuff. If you check their official website you can even add your own light message to the end of the video! Yippie!

Official website for androp Bright Siren.

  • Tosh

    Just want to say, I love these music posts.  Thanks

    • Harvey

      In that case… I’ll do another one!

  • Dean Isaac

    Awesome song! Thank you, thank you! Please don’t hesitate to share more (or at least where you pick up your stuff)

  • KarinaR

    hey thank for posting this….do you know when androp’s new album with the song Bright Siren will come out?

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