The Search for Ramen in Shanghai

If you like Japanese ramen, then you’ll appreciate how difficult it is to find good Japanese ramen outside of Japan.

Well, now I’m in Shanghai, and there are 50,000 Japanese living here long term. There are more than 100,000 if you include those Japanese that are frequently in and out on short business trips.

So, there’s gotta be good ramen here right? Right? Well @mrsjapannewbie and I have been hunting, and we’re getting close.

Super modest store front

The name of the place was 維心, and here is the address in Chinese.

The soup was very good. The gyoza was great. The other ingredients were excellent. The chashu meat was awesome, and the egg was great as well.

Nice Bowl.

The only complaint I had about the dish was that the noodles were a bit thick for my liking. However, @mrsjapannewbie said that even though they were thick, they were still good.

The atmosphere was nice as well. Most of the other customers were Japanese, and they even have a rack of Japanese comic magazines that a few customers were reading as they enjoyed their ramen alone. We learned about this place from a Japanese friend, so we figured it would be pretty legit.

So far, I would say it’s the best Japanese ramen I have had outside of Japan. Please note though, I have never eaten Japanese ramen in New York. I hear they have some pretty nice joints.

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We were there at about 9pm, not so many customers.