Unbelievable! Old School Japanese Slang

Today I attended a wine tasting party and there happened to be tons of old-school Japan hands there along with their respective Japanese wives. It was a little awkward being the youngest dude in the room by an entire generation, but it was cool to hear their stories.

One man had lived in Japan in the 70s, and he shared many interesting stories. One of the stories that he introduced included this really cool Japanese slang term.

This is a real word. This Japanese is REAL. WHY would I make this up!?


Did you hear that??

信じられない (shinjirarenai) is I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. In Japanese.
Combine that with UNBELIEVABLE. And you get the barely pronounceable アン信じられラブル. OMG. I can hardly contain myself. This is SO COOL.

If you don’t believe me, click here to see アン信じられラブル in the wild.

That’s so awesome. Work with me. Let’s bring アン信じられラブル back.