Japanese Content on Netflix

I’m new to Netflix. Of course, I immediately searched for content in Japanese.

At first I as disappointed to find that most of the Anime is dubbed into English, with no way to choose to watch the same in Japanese, but then I started to discover movies in Japanese, and even some anime in Japanese!


Here is a running list of Japanese content on Netflix.

Subtitled Anime on Netflix
Naruto, Season 1 and 2
Death Note (Anime)

Subtitled Japanese Movies on Netflix (that probably don’t suck)
Adrenaline Drive
Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams
Big Man Japan
Branded to Kill
Graveyard of Honor
Hidden Fortress
High And Low
I Am an S&M Writer (Futai No Kisetsu)
Letters from Iwo Jima
Man, Woman and the Wall
Nobody Knows
Samurai Rebellion
Seven Samurai
Sex Machine (The Strange Saga of Hiroshi the Freeloading Sex Machine / Himo no Hiroshi / Sex mashin: Hiwai na kisetsu)
Shinobi, Heart Under Blade
Still Walking
Tokyo Drifter
Tokyo Story
Twilight Samurai

I think this link will get you more Japanese Language movies on netflix. I think most of the movies are tagged with Japanese_Language, but I’m not sure how consistent the tagging is, and whether or not the Anime is included.

Thanks for @DaggerTribal for helping me find these!


  • Thanks for this post, been wondering if they had anything Japanese or not. Just always assumed they probably had nothing. I already have my sources for Anime, but I’m often looking for movies and this seems like it might be a good choice for only $8 (currently) per month. ^-^;

  • I not sure if it’s true for all of the Japanese Anime DVDs on Netflix, but I have rented a couple and was able to select Japanese as the langauge.

  • I have been watching Japanese movies this year because I was supposed to visit a friend in Tokyo. I was watching just for scenery and customs, but I got hooked! I love them! I had to push back my trip because I was supposed to arrive on March 19–it was too soon after the quake and my friend Mami was afraid another quake would come and we would be apart. I’m going in November and I’m making sure I see everyone of the movies Netflix can offer!

  • I watched Gojira earlier, it was a lot of fun. :) Thanks for the great list!

  • Hello everyone.

    Nice to see that Netflix actually has some content in Japanese. I have a nice hefty list of Japanese movies – as well as other countries if anyone is interested.


    Head over to my site, and check out te movies section. Contact me at Brian@briankjames.com

    Hope to hear from you all soon!


  • I enjoyed Man, Woman and the Wall. Sure it is a little sexy, but damn there are some real funny parts and overall my wife and I enjoyed it!

    One that is not on your list is a documentary called “The Great Happiness Place” it is about a male host in Japan, I found the documentary fascinating. Thanks for compiling the list.


    Of course Kurosawa is always a great choice!

  • “Departures” is another one that’s good.

  • FunshineFirefly

    I <3 netflix. They also have Map of the Sounds of Tokyo streaming.

  • So, it looks like most of those are on streaming, but here are some pretty awesome ones that I enjoyed through the mail. They are all pretty disparate in theme from each other and most are heavy on the sci-fi, but I thought they were fun.

    Wool 100%- lovely modern (ish) fantasy movie told through lots of different mediums. I can’t explain it because I’m not sure what it meant, but I enjoyed the elegant absurdity of it.

    Electric Dragon 80000V- CRAAAZY movie. One hour, black and white, really experimental, lots of heavy metal music. Must be experienced to be believed.

    Versus and Death Trance- these two movies are the same director and main actor, but the stories are not connected… I don’t think. You’re not always supposed to know what’s going on in them. Surreal martial-arty fantasy/sci-fi. I enjoyed them thoroughly.

    Onmyoji- set in an earlier era, but with supernatural stuff. A little slow by American action movie standards, but interesting culture things and I liked the relationship between the main characters.

    Great Yokai War- In the same vein as Never-ending Story (great costumes, kid-on-an-adventure movie), but the tone is more like Pan’s Labyrinth. Almost like a dictionary of Japanese monsters of legend.

    Aragami: God of War- another martial-arty fantasy one with an enigmatic monster at the center.

    You might have written about some of these, but I haven’t been through the whole site yet. Hope someone else gets some enjoyment out of these.

  • Other series available via streaming in Japanese with English subtitles are Bleach and Hikaru no Go

  • Seven Samurai was really good!! well worth a watch

  • Thank you SO much for this article. You’re a life saver!

  • anime in japanese is ok but i prefer english and im a¬†devoted¬†otaku.

    • Some people just prefer originals to dubs. And some watch anime partly to learn Japanese.

  • I hard time to understand English movies thanks

  • are there any Japanese subtitles on netflix?!?