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One of my old friends personally knows people who lost everything in Miyagi, so she was prompted to start up this Love for Miyagi Japan fundraising project to try and help them out. This is a small project that is hoping to help out a small number of people, but with your help it could have real impact.

Here is a link to the Love for Miyagi Japan project blog.

This non-profit organization was founded by Chie Murakami Schuller, who was born and raised in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. She now lives in Columbus, Ohio. She founded this organization to raise funds for and awareness of the recent natural disaster in Northeast Japan. Ishinomaki(Miyagi) was devastated by the recent tsunami caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake on 03/11/11. Donations raised by this organization will be sent to Chie’s friends including one friend who is still missing (she left behind a husband and a 5 month old daughter). Money can’t buy happiness nor can it bring back a loved one. However, our love will be much greater than the tsunami that took everything from the victim. As our logo says, our love will cover everything-including thier sadness and pain. Thank you for making a difference and showing your support for Miyagi, Japan. If you have any questions regarding this organization or how the donations are sent/spent, please contact us at

Also, if you donate 25 bucks you get a tote bag that will carry your stuff while spreading the word.

If you’re still looking for ways to help Japan, check this out.

Get a unique bag that shows your support with each donation!


  • supreme nothing

    This is an especially personal and touching undertaking by someone helping friends in Japan. It’s incredibly heartbreaking to think of the losses so many are enduring over there, but efforts like this bring a glimmer of light that make you proud of the best aspects in humanity.

  • Chie Schuller

    Thank you Hervy for putting my info on your website and thank you, Supreme nothing for your kind words. People over there are still suffering from the loss, and uncertain about their future but they have told me that it’s been encouraging them to know that they are not alone: people around the world care about them and support them. Hope my project will provide them not only the financial help they need, but also give them a hope.

    • harvey

      LOL. 名前のスペルが間違ってるし。 But that’s ok!

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