Wear Brain-controlled Cat Ears

Wearing cat ears is awesome.

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Controlling stuff with your brain is freakin’ awesome too.

Wearing brain-controllec cat ears? Take my money now!

This Wired Magazine article explains quite nicely:

“The cat ear product, called “necomimi” is a novelty hair band that is worn in the normal way but features sensors that pick up on brain signals and convert them into visible actions — in this case by wiggling the cat ears.”

Here are some youtube videos literally showing the ears in action.

Well, it wouldn’t be a JapanNebwie post without a little Japanese language education thrown in now would it…

The Japanese in that 2nd video title is 脳波ネコミミを体験!

脳波 (nouha) literally means, “brain” “waves.”
ネコ (neko) is katakana for 猫 which is “cat.”
ミミ (mimi) is katakana for 耳 which is “ears.”

When you’re watching the second video you’ll hear the person running the trials telling people to either リラックス (rirakkusu) “relax” or to 集中する (shuuchuu suru) which means to concentrate. If they concentrate the ears should go up. It seems that people have a harder time getting the ears to relax again once they have gotten them to stand up…

Pretty straight forward. And now you know how to stay brain waves in Japanese.

The company that makes these is called ニューロウェア (Neurowear). Here is Neurowear’s official vol1 blog post on the product.

You know though… after watching that first YouTube video… I can’t help to think that they’re sort of a wearable… I mean, did you see how they perk up when the girl looked at that cute guy? It’s kind of like the function that males naturally have, but is normally hidden away from public view. Is my mind in the gutter?

I’ve said too much.