Genpatsu-kun has a stomach ache

[UPDATE 03/17/2011] The above version has English Subs!

This is the vanilla original Japanese version!

This is an extremely well done animation that attempts to explain the crisis at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima in a light-hearted yet informational way.

The following is a my 5 minute summary of what is going on in the video. It’s not a direct translation, and I did it extremely quickly, but I think you’ll get the gist from these even if you don’t know Japanese. I’m sure someone will post a version with translated subtitles eventually!

[Begin Video Summary]

Genpatsu-kun is the name of the character representing the Fukushima the power plant.

He has a stomach ache that was caused by the big earthquake.

んんん〜〜〜 おなかいたいよう〜うんちが出ちゃいそう! arrrgh my stomach hurts! poops is gonna come out!

His poop is very stinky and therefore dangerous. If it spills out moreru もれる then it will be big trouble. くさい kusai! Stinky!

However, どーん! (doonnnn) we heard a huge sound from Genpatsu-kun and everyone was surprised! Did his poop come out?

After taking some measurements they realized it wasn’t poop, but just a fart. But his stomach still hurts.

In order to fix it they’re giving Genpatsu-kun medicine. Including seawater 海水 kaisui and ホウ素 houso boron.

They ran out of medicine and it as kind of a close call, but anyway they’re working hard to keep him from pooping all over the place.

The smell from a fart will only last about a week, and isn’t so stinky, so no problem for people who live far away.

That’s what happend with 3-mile Island too.

But Chernobyl…

[YouTube Video Time 1:54]

He even pooped his pants in the classroom! And it was diarrhea! And he ran around all over the place just like that!!!

But Japan won’t be like Chernobyl.

Genpatsu-kun has a diaper. So even if the unchi comes out, it won’t travel far.

Big poop is heavy too so it won’t go too far.

In order to help out Genpatsu-kun the doctors are working hard. They are taking turns giving him medicine as to preserve their health. This method of giving him medicine isn’t efficient, but it’s vital to preserve the health of the doctors.

If in the news you hear, 注水が再開 (cyuusui ga saikai, water injection has started again), you know that they’re able to give Genpatsu-kun medicine again to cool him down.

If things get bad it won’t be as bad as Chernobyl, but people in Fukushima won’t be able to live around there… and plants and fish will die. It would be terrible for the people of Fukushima.

I order not to let that happen, everyone is working as hard as they can. These next two days (as of time this video was published) are key.

It’ll be alright. With time, Genpatsu-kun’s stomach will surely get better.

[End Video Summary]

– Harvey