Break into Manga Translation with Manga Digital Guild

Lot’s of people who study Japanese hope to get into translation some day. And when it comes to translation, many people hope to do manga or game translation, why? Cause the content is freaking fun! But how to break into the field? A friend recently introduced me to Digital Manga Guild, and it seems to be a legit way to get some experience, and to get paid as well.

If you’re serious about giving this a shot your first step will be to take one of their tests.

You can test in many aspects of the translation process, including translation, editing, and lettering. You can even form a group and plan to work together on projects.

The workflow, click to enlarge

I have never tried Digital Manga Guild myself, but it does look like a legit opportunity. They even have a profit sharing scheme going, so if you stick with it you should eventually make some change.

Translation is always great because it forces you to figure out language that you may not be familiar with, and it’s a real skill that can serve you well in the future. I encourage peeps out there to give it a shot! And if you do, let us know how it goes!


– Harvey


  • Thanks for the post! I’ll have to take a look into this. Is there any particular level of language ability (I realize that that term is fairly ambiguous) that you’d recommend for those wanting to translate for this digital guild? I assume so long as you can past the test you’re golden, but..

    Well, anyways, thanks! :)

  • One piece of information from their FAQ worth mentioning is that (at least initially) most of their titles will be yaoi manga. This still might be a great opportunity, but people should know this up front to avoid surprises later.

  • I should add that the only way to do this *is* to form a group. Either to be in one already or find one in their forums once you pass their test. Also, apparently translators are in high demand (since many crazy manga fans don’t know any Japanese? :P).

  • well naruto is so awsome like cool jutsu that why naruto manga r wow

  • i woud love to be a translator of yaoi manga but i am still bad at japanese .