Japanese Security Parody


Some Japanese that you can learn from this video.
This isn’t a transcription, but should help!

金属 kinzoku
Metals (metallic objects)

いいえ、持ってないです。iie, mottenaidesu.
No, I don’t have any. (in response to the “do you have any metal objects question.)

鳴る なる naru
To ring out. The guy says, 鳴っちゃいましたからね a lot, as in, “See! It’s ringing! That’s why!”
Also, 鳴ってますんでね。(“Because it’s ringing, ya see.”)

Aren’t you touching (her) a bit too much!?
触る sawaru to touch.

なんか金属入ってますか、これ? nanka kinzoku haittemasenka, kore?
Are there any metals in there?

I’m going to take a look. (polite form)

上を脱いで下さい ue wo nuide kudasai
Take of your top.

Because these are the rules.

何やってんの?! naniyattenno?!
What. Are. You. DOING!?!

正服 seifuku

着ちゃだめ kicyadame
You can’t wear it.

You can’t take her with you!


I went through the new security this Thanksgiving season and got a pretty frisky upper body pat down because I was wearing a baggy hoody. It tickled.

– Harvey