Metropolis – Anime Worth Watching!

Continuing my Japanese movie binge I’m moving on to a classic Japanese Animated movie – Metropolis.

Metropolis was made in 2002, but is based on a 1949 manga by Tezuka Osamu of AstroBoy fame, and it really shows – in a good way. This is a great movie with slick animation and surprisingly awesome music. Let me describe the music by simply saying, it’s got Ray Charles. Okay I’ll say more. The music is all classy New Orleans style Jazz, which really has an out of place, yet extremely refreshing feel when set against the film’s futuristic backdrop.

The plot for this Anime really reminded me of one of the stories in Animatrix if I’m remembering correctly… Anyway, without giving too much away, Metropolis is set in a future where humans and robots work side by side… but tensions rise and there is an underground movement of humans bent on destroying the robots who have been taking jobs away from the humans. Sound familiar? Well, Tezuka Osamu put this story together in 1949, so he probably got there first.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen this already it’s definitely worth a look.


– Harvey