Speed Bento on the Bus

Just a simple post about a bus bento that I had heading into Hiroshima City from Hiroshima Airport, like… last year… I was spring cleaning my blog and noticed that I had drafted this one but never posted it!

Bento on the Bus

Boxed lunches (bento) are a big deal in Japan. Parents make them for their children to bring to school, and office workers can buy them in the connivence store at lunch time. They also have bento specially for bullet trains called “ekiben” (駅弁), where “eki” means train station, and “ben” is the first part of Bento.

Did you know that they also have bento for airplanes as well? They call them “soraben” 空弁。If I remember correctly I purchased this bento back in a Tokyo airport and carried it on the plane, but it was an early flight so I saved it for the bus ride to town.

I don’t think there is a special name for bento that you eat on a bus though… Oh well.


Good eating. These fancy ekiben can usually be purcahsed for anywhere between 500 and 1,000 yen (5 to 10 U.S. dollars). I forgot, but I think this one was about 800 yen.


– Harvey