Kansai-ben Converter

Found this Kansai-ben converter on the web.


After giving it a few tests…

Input: わかりません → Output: わかりまへん

Input: もう我慢できません → Output: もう我慢できまへん

Input: オレは外国人じゃないよ。 → Output: オレは外国人じゃないよ。

Input: 私のカメラは使い物になりません。 → Ouput: わてのカメラは使い物になりまへん。
Haha, that’s funny.

Input: あめなめたい → Output: あめなめたいちゅーワケや。

Alright fun stuff. The typical ません to まへん, and I see a 私 to わて which is kinda funny because young people wouldn’t speak like that… but perhaps some old folk do. And then some powerful たい turning to… ちゅーワケや!

Not the most natural thing in the world, but great to kill a few minutes! Give it a shot!

If you’re curious about Kansai-ben check out our Kansai-ben lessons, and also check out the Kansai-ben iPhone application if you haven’t already!

– Harvey


  • Haha, nice little program. I wonder though, speaking in kansai-ben keigo – isn’t that kinda forbidden? I wouldn’t imagine businesses using kansai-ben at work and mixing it with keigo, unless they were completely sure the people they were dealing with were happy with it…

    Much more sense to check わからない>わからへん imho. ^^;

  • I agree, usually no one says 分かりまへん。 わからへん typically ない=へん だ=や