Kabuki Diplomacy

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This is pretty cool! American diplomat in Fukuoka participating in Kabuki.

I tried to catch the lines here, but this is tough as it’s old Japanese. Someone give me a hand and help fix my mistakes! This is way over my head.

Attempted transcription and translation:

umare kokyou wo ato ni shite
Leaving the country I was born.

taihei you no hatoko e
Over the big waves of the Pacific Ocean
(Thanks to Yuko for the translation help!)

yakkoshimada no narifurimo
Wearing my hair in a yakkoshimada

ita ni tsuitaru adesugata
I’m quite at home with this beautiful figure.
(Thanks to @yami_translator for the translation help!)

ryoujikan no ookagami
The large mirror in the Consulate…

utsuseba ima ha yamato nadeshiko
If I’m reflected in it, now I’m a Japanese Beauty (Yamato Nadeshiko)

tateba syakuyaku
Standing as lovely as a Chinese peony
(This is a reference to a famous line, 立てば芍薬、すわれば牡丹、歩く姿はユリの花。)

arukeba sayuri
I’m as beautiful as a lily when walking
(Thanks to @yami_translator for the translation help!)

hanamo hajiro, merikan omaru
Making even the flowers ashamed, “American Omaru”
(The 花も恥じろ is another famous line that is a description of a young and beautiful lady.)

Post with good information on Diplopundit.
U.S. Embassy in Tokyo “Z-Blog”
Bio of the star herself on the Consulate website.

  • http://lasamurai.blogapot.com Louis

    Now that’s cool!

  • http://guide-yu.jp Yuko

    Wow, this should be a parody version of a famous kabuki play 白波五人男 Shiranami Gonin Otoko

    It’s famous for its rhythmical lines; fixed syllables of 7 & 5 called 七五調

    >taihei you no hatoko e

    Taihei yo no hato koe

    Over the big waves of the Pacific Ocean

    • http://www.japannewbie.com harvey

      Thanks for the inside info Yuko! I added your info to the original post!

      • http://twitter.com/GuideYu Yuko Nakanishi

        Just recalled this one! I even helped you out on the translation :) Almost forgot. It’s cool actually.

  • Christina

    He’s a good sport! Onnagata and everything.

  • http://freeweb.supereva.com/salmodiare/index.html?p JJLuke77

    Isn’t it “taihei no youko no hatoko e”?

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