Tottara Akan Yo! Osaka-ben Music

You need more Kansai-ben in your life, and I’m here to help.


JapanNewbie here introducing a random song called Tottara Akan Yo とったらアカンよ, by a group named Atarime.

Atarime - Tottara Akan Yo

This song has direct Osaka and Kansai culture references, traditional Japanese background music, and Kansai-ben to make it fun. Not something I would listen to every day, but very fun to listen to once in a while! Also the lyrics are goofy enough that I notice some new funny bit every time I listen to it. I just downloaded it from so I have listened to it about 5 times now.

The lyrics are filled with stories of theft, and theft prevention. You know, hittakuri grabbing purses out of the front of bicycles – be sure to use a bicycle basket cover thing. Watch out for groups trying to pick your pocket in crowded places. Stuff like that. The lyrics warn that if you steal stuff, no matter how hard you try to hide or run, eventually you’ll end up in jail – so better not to try and steal stuff!

I haven’t been able to find this song on YouTube or anything, but you can hear a pretty good length clip on the HearJapan page.

Apparently this song was used in a Osaka public service campaign against stealing as well. I guess I was in the States already so missed it though!


– Harvey