Kana Balls for iPhone and iPod Touch

My good Twitter buddy @papajohn let me know that he had a new Japanese-related application called Kana Balls in the iTunes Store so I gave it a try.

Fun stuff! Despite the possibly awkward name… Kana Balls is a slick application!

This app will help you learn to read Japanese Hiragana and Katakana quickly. It doesn’t teach you Japanese vocabulary or how to use the Hiragana and Katakana, but after a few rounds with this you’ll really feel the speed reading workout. It’s good frantic fun and a great addition to any Japanese study routine.

Touch the red ぷ to proceed, starts off easy, only 2 balls.
It quickly becomes a madhouse though. Remember, those balls are bouncing!
Good score for 1st game while taking screen shots huh?

@papajohn gave me some promotion codes to distribute so if you’re fast you can try it out for free. If you’re not fast, don’t worry, Kana Balls costs less than a cheeseburger in the iTunes Store and is well worth the money if you value your Japanese skillz.

To use the codes, go to the iTunes Store, click REDEEM on the far right under QUICK LINKS, and enter the code to download the app for free. Unfortunately the promo codes only work for customers with a U.S. iTunes Store account.

Promo Codes for Kana Balls:

Each code can only be used once. First come first served!

Here is a link back to @papajohn’s blog with his post introducing Kana Balls.