Fully Automatic Takoyaki Maker

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Finally, a place where you can buy a Fully-Automatic Takoyaki Maker online and have it shipped overseas. If you still haven’t made that last minute holiday gift purchase for that special Japanese-loving someone, this might be worth a look!

Automatic Takoyaki Maker
Automatic Takoyaki Maker, not cheap, but awesome!

Did I say “fully automatic?” Why yes, yes I did.

I have actually never seen a fully-automatic Takoyaki Maker before – this is pretty swank!

This thing flips and rounds the Takoyaki for you, so you don’t have to be all busy with the stick turning them. Well, not -as- busy anyway. As you can see from the video, you have to be sure that one side is pretty well cooked before you start the motor to get the auto flipping going, but once you get it right it’s pretty cool. Plus, it’s fun to watch.

If you’re still wondering what to get your very special Japan geek for the holiday season, maybe this Takoyaki maker is worth a look.

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  • http://goinglocoinyokohama.wordpress.com/ locohama

    Love it! Usually in videos everything goes perfectly. i like that this one decidely didn’t lol
    good post!

  • http://mykafkaesquelife.blogspot.com/2009/12/mkls-hottest-women-of-2009.html My Kafkaesque Life

    This is awesome! I love takoyaki, I’ve eaten them in Singapore and Hong Kong.

  • http://www.poolofzen.com 真秀

    That is AWESOME!!! Every time I go to Fred Meyer here in Spokane, I secretly cast longing glances at the appliance aisle, waiting for the Takoyaki plate to arrive…. now its just a matter of time… :)

    I’ll have to check out the website. Thanks!

  • http://thenihon-suki.blogspot.com/ Mary

    I’ve been wanting a takoyaki maker since i first came to Japan!! this vid is awesome:-p

  • miichan

    it’s an awsome machine
    i would like to buy it

  • http://babysschlaf.wordpress.com Anja Freitag

    I have now found your site through google and find them very interesting.

    Unfortunately I can not soo good English and I have to look up very many words. Is there a way to translate the whole page somewhere?

    I’d really appreciate an answer. Love Greetings from Germany

  • mii-chan

    i have a site for u called worldlingo

    but there could be errors too

    hope i helped u

    c’ya ^w^

  • itsumojapan

    Haha it didn’t really work too well but it’s still cool. I really want a takoyaki maker!


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