Watch Japanese TV on your Computer With KeyHoleTV

I just started using KeyHole TV for Mac. With KeyHole TV you can watch Japanese TV right on your computer, all you need is an Internet connection.

Watching TV is a great way to improve listening comprehension skills. It’s also a great introduction to modern Japanese culture. With TV even if you don’t know exactly what is being said you can figure out a lot out from the context. Trust me, foreign language TV is good for you!

KeyHole TV is available for both Mac and Windows.

Xorsyst has posted detailed instructions on how to install KeyHole TV for Windows. Check it out. If you’ve got a mac, just follow the mac download link and you’ll know what to do. It’s straightforward.

KeyHoleTV Interface

The interface isn’t the best – in fact it’s ugly and confusing… Basically you just double click on the program you want to watch and before long the audio and video will start playing.

Crazy Japanese Game Shows on KeyHoleTV

You can click the Program Button to switch back and select something else to watch.

Kids these days… They don’t know how good they’ve got it. Back in my day I had to go down to the neighborhood Korean food mart and rent the bootleg video cassettes they had of Japanese TV to get my fix. Video cassettes! I bet some Japannewbie readers have never even used a VHS tape… I digress.

If you’re studying Japanese you have no excuse not to use this excellent resource. Go work that listening comprehension!

Download KeyHole TV for Mac:

Read the xorsyst review of KeyHole TV for Windows, and follow @xorsyst on Twitter.

Note, @lordsilent on Twitter pointed out that TvAnts has better sound quality than KeyHoleTV. I haven’t tried it yet as I only have a Mac and the Mac Setup for TvAnts is not something I want to get into.

@DevilTale reports that TVU Player and are also alternatives to check out.

Look at all the options you have! Does anyone else have any other sources of Japanese TV? Please share in the comments!

– Harvey

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