Just listening to some new electronic Japanese music by a group called Omodaka that I got from HearJapan. HearJapan featured them as their July artist and has a very informtive write up of the group and their music, including lots of embedded music videos.

You must see the “glitch dance” video from the song “kyoteizinc”.

Very cool. Note, the track from this video is not on the latest OMODAKA album, but it’s the track called “kyoteizinc (video mix)” on the Favorite Games album. As stated on HearJapan…

This video features Masako Yasumoto doing a glitch dance. Be sure to watch the breakdown at 2:00 and the water effects that follow


The review on HearJapan is very extensive. I could hardly hope to add anything to it here, so just go read it! Fun, fun music.

– Harvey