Work Work Watching

Speed post. This is too funny not to share.

Work Work Watching #1

Especially funny is number 5, where the Japanese director teaches the American actor the art of NORI-TSUKKOMI 乗り突っ込み with the help of his useless interpreter.

Work Work Watchign #5 – Nori-tsukkomi 

There is a wikipedia entry on nori-tsukkomi if you are like the American director and not familiar with this traditional form of Japanese Kansai-style comedy.

Basically, nori-tsukkomi is when someone does something unexpected and silly against your expectation. For example, you say “wow it’s raining, go get the umbrella.” and the guy comes back with a toothpick umbrella used to decorate cocktails.

If you immediately bash the guy over the hed and say “hey! What the heck do you take me for! That’s not an umbrella!” That would be a regular tsukkomi.

If instead, you say “wow, nice umbrella. Now I can keep my fingers dry… Small… and easy to carry…. – WHAT the heck! This umbrella is way to small!” and bash them over the head… That is then nori-tsukkomi. You have first skillfully gone along with their silly gag before suddenly pointing out their folly and bashing them over the head.

I love this stuff.

“Listen, nori-tsukkomi you alright?”

– Harvey