Well, what have we here off in the distance? Why it looks like a cafe that might have Western food to satisfy my gaijin needs. I’ll hop over and take a closer look.

Wait, what’s this?

C’omon? Humburger? Beef stake? And… Fast food as a menu item? Aren’t all of these fast food items?

The confusion settles in.

Okay, I got it. See, they spelled Hamburger correctly on the window. It was only a temporary mistake. Steak… Stake! Stake is still messed up. Ah well. Can’t get everything right all of the time.

I’ll go inside and have a hamburger anyway.

Okay, now the question. Which came first. The custom sign they had created for their store, or the preprinted sign with hamburger spelled correctly sitting right next to it.

Oh hum.

– Harvey

I didn’t mention “soft cream” as a mistake for “ice cream”, because… I’ve been in Japan too long.