Becoming Ghetto

There is a restaurant in Yokohama called “GETTO-KA”.

This may be something only I find funny but…

In Japanese, you can put the kanji 「化」after a word, to give it the meaning “to change into” or more simply, “become”. Serious uses of this form include… 「深刻化」which means “to become serious” or “escalation” or “to become aggravated”, and 「都会化」which means “to become city”, or “urbanization”. Another common one is 「高齢化」which refers to “aging”, as in 「高齢化社会」”aging society”.

Now, the kanji for this shop is completely different… But if you pronounce the name, it sounds like… “Becoming Ghetto”.

Geek humor. Laugh!

– Harvey