Wings of Defeat – Tokko

I saw the Japanese trailer for the kamikaze survivor documentary movie I mentioned a while back, Wings of Defeat. The Japanese title is 特攻 (TOKKO) which literally translates to “special attack”, but in Japan, when speaking about “TOKKO” in the context of WWII, most people will imagine the Kamikaze pilots.

TOKKO official Japanese movie website

Wings of Defeat official English site

I have a scanner now, so I scanned the filer that I picked up at the movie theater recently.

For those who can read Japanese, I’ve linked a larger readable image of the front, and back, of the TOKKO (Wings of Defeat) filer. The back of the flier has tons of text, worth a read if you’re interested.

By the way, the Japanese on the front of the flier translates roughly as… “I wanted to live.” “I didn’t want to die.”

This movie looks really interesting… I’m going to have to drag myself down to the theater and pay the 1700ish yen or so to see it! It starts July 21 in Japan.

By the way, a friend brought to my attention a book that is out of print, but available on Amazon called I was a Kamikaze. I have never read it, but it looks interesting. Surviving suicide missions… That’s heavy. Apparently the author, Nagatsuka was a French literature major at Tokyo university, so he originally wrote this book in French, and later it was translated into English.

Even better, John W. Dower is in this movie. Dower wrote the amazing Japanese post-war history book, Embracing Defeat. This book is as fat as a textbook, but is so interesting it reads like a novel. Highly recommended!

– Harvey