Denki Anma Attack

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Yes. This is culture. Japanese Doritos?

Denki Anma is a technique, if you will, that was popular in Japan among elementary school kids approximately 15-20 years ago.

Much like the picture, one person will grab the others legs, and place their foot in the others crotch.

The foot is then jiggled, causing discomfort, and getting a hearty laugh(?) from the other.

The Denki Anma technique was used on female and male victims indiscriminately.

An “Anma”, is a type of electronic massage device, you can find them built into chairs at onsen and similar places.

The denki anma should be brought back. Or, “resurrected” if you will.

Please practice this at home, in you respective countries.

- Harvey

  • nyuudo

    Along with “kancho” I practice “denki anma” everywhere with strangers, I wonder if that’s the reason why I don’t have friends…

  • harvey

    nyuudo-kun… No kanchoing random people. No kancho.

  • Dan

    I always heard this maneuver called the “Weird Melvin”

  • Fudie

    This awesome.I do this to my siblings all the I have a technique name to scream when I perform it XD

  • Charles Freeman

    somewhere between hitting the floor and having a foot “placed” in my crotch i would definitely exhibit  a response instantly recognized as hostile to this procedure…

  • Mister

    “His” you say?

  • paulyhart

    Putting the LAY in Frito Lay

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