Ultra Low Rise Denim Bikini Pants

A friend sent me this image, along with a few others showing incredible “new” fashion trends in Japan. He wanted to check to be sure they were legit.

I have never seen this stuff on the street, so I figured it was just some kind of a Photoshop hoax… But after some Googling of the terms that appear in the screen shots…

I found this website that actually sells these “ultra low rise denim bikini pants“. Apparently they are from Brazil and are some kind of new fashion trend. The price is exactly the same as shown on the Japanese TV show pictured in the images.

Call me old-fashioned… But I’m amazed.

Anyone seen these in the wild?

– Harvey


  • can’t wait to see it hit Shibuya

  • I’m old fashioned too, and I’m dont like it.

  • Me likes it ^^

    There was a fashion here in Sweden that was like this more or less – panties sticking outside the pants. Nice to look at…don’t know how comfortable it was…

  • Wait, the “panties” are actually part of the pants? Hmm, they’re not quite as… interesting… as they first appear.

  • Those make me sad.

    I can just imagine seeing them in the wild and screaming to myself in my head about how girls these days have no taste. (>_

  • Hey, normally people don’t wash jeans so often right? I know I only wash mine once every two months depending on what I’m getting into… Anyway…

    If the panties are attached to the pants…

    I guess if I were ever to own these jeans I would have to wash them often.

    Not that.. I plan to ever wear these things. Cause, you all know, I’m a guy.

    You know that right?


  • Any word on when they’ll have them for guys?

  • I guess the designer thought women felt left out of the low-rise, show your ass trend that’s so popular (at least with men in the US, including my brothers).

    I have seen drawings of women wearing low-rise pants with thongs, but never a real person doing it.

    The bikini part is all that’s holding the pants up, it looks like. Seems precarious.

    I’d want the bikini to be a different color than the pants. When I first glanced at the picture I thought it was just jeans with holes cut out of the sides.

    And Harvey has a very good point. I, at least, don’t wash my jeans after each wearing either. Maybe the bikini part is detachable? Though I don’t see any indication of that. Or maybe they also sell panties that just fit underneath.


  • Ahh… Japan and its supposed fashion trends. Anyone remember see-thru skirts?

    While this is a real consumer product, I think it takes more than just a young lady wearing a pair on TV to call it a “trend”.

    One could start forwarding pictures from Harajuku and passing them off as the latest in Japanese fashion… as if what’s worn there is typical of the population at large.

  • Oh my.

    I can see all the super anorexic sorority girls wearing these to show off their hipbones…

  • I do remember the see-thru skirts. I thought that was a total Photoshop gag as well. I didn’t think they actually existed… Hrmm…. Your point is correct though. This stuff is certainly NOT mainstream.

  • Not mainstream in Brazil either. Never saw something like this here…

    The bikini itself look likes some brazilian girls use, but the pants… no no no

  • Word Home! It is like a tube top for the cooterberry!

    It is Nice!
    I Like!

  • I just ame back from brqazil, they all wear low cut jeans i got a few pairs myfelf! dont like these ones as they are a bit tacky! but i love really low cut jeans, just cant find any in London! SUCKS!!!

  • Dont suppose you know where I can get a pair from my girlfriend has seen them and wants a pair. please help me.

  • I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. People use many fashion stretch jeans here, but these you’ll only see on Copacabana beach hookers, I can assure. Even our most liberal girls won’t wear those on the streets – although the guys would certainly love it. Personally, I find it weird.

  • I think that gal looks GREAT in them…if the gal has the right figure,than they can look Super-Sexy!!!!!!!

  • I can’t see this being very mainstream. I just saw it on a German news program… thing, called “Taff,” and the only stuff they ever put on is BS, so to me that already discredits this supposed “trend.”

    What I’m also noticing, though, is that the picture given here is the only one I can find of Japanese girls actually wearing this nonsense. If it were a trend, wouldn’t there be a plethora of such pictures?

    Last, I’d like to say that these cost something like… $80 dollars, so even if I did have the desire to reveal to the world what should be reserved for a romantic partner, I doubt I could afford it.

  • Hey Marie, I can say that I have -never- seen these on the streets in Japan. I doubt that I ever will!

  • They would look better without the thongs.

  • Never seen them here either. Not for a lack of paying attention, I assure you.

  • haha…wutz the word coming too. lol…the more skin you show the better I guess…*rolls eye* I guess they dont ook that bad, but I wouldn’t wear it

  • Wow, what a great idea. Wish we had that style here where I live. LOL

  • i m a brazilian,
    and I think this bikini is still too large to compare with those used currently in the Brazilian beache

  • hello! that looks nice but it is not effective for a conservative people like ours it might cause huge traffic if it will become trends here…harvey has a point/.. it would be possible in fabrics rather than in jeans..

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