Mt. Tepouzan

I’m not even a professional mountain climber, but I climbed one of the most extreme mountains in Japan.

I didn’t even bring any equipment, and I was wearing my Adidas sneakers. It was raining.

This mountain, Mount Tempozan (天保山), at an astounding 4.53 meters, is the lowest mountain in Japan. The mountain is located in Tempozan Park in Osaka. You can read about the park and the fierce mountain on this bilingual information sign.

The perilous jagged snowy peak of Mt. Tempozan.

There is a great view of the “Big Wheel” from the mountain area.

Tempozan Park is located very close to the famous Osaka Acquarium down in the Osaka bay area, so if you’re in the area, drop by and pay Mount Tempozan a visit.

But be careful.

– Harvey