Mega Mac


The Mega Mac (メガマック).

「ビーフ天国!」”Beef Heaven!” The ad exclaims.

How does this stack up against Carl’s double Six Dollar Burger?

I don’t understand Spanish, but this commercial for the Burger King double Whopper (Yo soy un hombre) had me rolling. Have you ever seen a funnier Burger commercial!?

Thanks to Dixel, who recently discovered my other blog Japanese Ads for the heads up!

I love the Internet…

– Harvey


  • Hi! About Burger King XXl Commercial. The meaning is “when I’m hungry, I eat like a man, not vegetables, not silly things, I’m not going to change, I’m a man”, and as you can see in the images there are men in “affirmation of their masculinity” (in the song even says a spanish expression “con un par” that we could translate as “with a couple” – literal- or “I have balls”)

  • Thanks Pixel! I guess that’s what I assumed from the expressions on the peoples faces.

    We need those burgers in Japan!

    Hilarious, thanks again!


    You see, this is why throughout history, women have conspired to run the world from the shadows.

    Um, er, I mean, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…


  • LOL!
    That comercial jajaja, Come como hombre, hombre!
    It means eat like a man, man!
    lol, i love bk!
    Is interesting how see even though its in spanish, is a different song from the one they pass on tv on my country.

  • An ad exactly like the Spanish one (although obviously in English) ran here in the states a few years back. I seem to remember some guy driving an eighteen wheeler in it. I think it was around the time they introduce the Steakhouse burgers and the Texas Whopper.