Hokkaido Marimokkori

Thanks to a friend at school I was introduced to this interesting mascot from Hokkaido.


The name is a play on words. A Marimo, is a weird algae ball found in Hokkaido.

A mokkori, is another word for, well, a mound. However, it can also be used in a way described by our favorite dictionary, ALC. If you check that definition, you can understand why the figure is… shaped… the way it is.

It’s Hokkaido’s famous marimokkori! If you pull the mokkori, he’ll shake!

You can see the wonderful marimokkori and his round mokkori displayed over the Japanese homework.

Instead of studying Japanese, pull the makkori with your fingers. Upon release, marimokkori will vibrate as his mokkori slowly returns to its initial state.

Go Hokkaido!

– Harvey