Chocolate Banana

At Kawagoe Festival in Saitama, we stopped by a chocolate banana vendor.

Chocolate bananas, along with candied apples, takoyaki and whatnot are a typical festival snack in Japan. This booth in particular was interesting because they have a special deal.

When you buy one chocolate banana for 200 yen, you get a chance to challenge the shop keeper in a game of paper scissors rock! If you win, you get two bananas for the price of one!

If you lose, you just get your one banana.

– Harvey


  • Those look really tasty. I want one, now.

  • Actually I bet they would taste better with a little kewpie mayo on top.

    That was not meant to be a gross joke. Get your mind out of the gutter.

  • I agree completely with FifthDream.

    The pink and yellow ones look particularly tasty.

  • haha, that’s funny (rock paper scissors , that is). And yeah, they look great.

  • They’re alright. The Chocolate coating is very thin. They make them right at the booth. They have a boiling vat of chocolate, and they stick the banana on a stick and stick it in. It coats so thin the chocolate hardens very quickly.

    I bet you could make it at home if you melted chocolate in a big pot like French fondu.

  • They sell plain chocolate kits at Walmart, I’m curious to know what flavors the colored ones are. Strawberry, mint, and ??? banana would be redundant, and I don’t think lemon would work that well. Perhaps vanilla?

  • Jess! Good question! I don’t what flavor that yellow one is!

  • I was challenged to rock, paper, scissors when I signed up for a video rental membership in Japan. There would be three rounds, and the more rounds I won the higher up on the prize shelf I could go. But the weird thing is that the guy told me that he was going to play “peace sign” first to make it easy. This made so little sense that I decided that I just didn’t understand his Japanese. But I did rock to be on the safe side, and there was the peace sign. For round two I thought that he thought that I thought that he would never do peace sign twice in a row, so I did rock again and nailed him. Peace sign three times in a row would be unprecedented folly…but so crazy he just might try it. So –and I believe they are still talking about it to this day– I did rock for a third time. Bang! He didn’t even know what hit him. I went home with a copy of The Untouchables.

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  • OMG, you come across the greatest treats in the world! Those look really delicious.

  • Correction Lynn, the greatest treats in… JAPAN.


  • @ Jess + Harvey: I, for one, think that the pink and yellow bananas are simply covered with white chocolate, but have added food coloring ^^

  • I think the green one might be greentea flavored. sounds strange, but it’s a dessert flavor for them.

  • ああ、おいしいいです!!

  • yumyuymyuyum

  • fun phalluses!