Final Fantasy Potion Drinks!

I used to be a huge Final Fantasy fan. With the upcoming release of a new Final Fantasy game, convenience stores in Japan are selling Final Fantasy Potion drinks!

[UPDATE 3/18] Chika pointed out this great commercial for FF12 potion! Hilarious! Thanks for the tip!
My friend told me they taste just like any old ‘energy’ drink, and actually it doesn’t taste so good. But hey! It’s Final Fantasy.

I didn’t have enough gold to pick one up myself, so now I am walking around in circles with my party killing imps to earn enough gold.

The bottle on the right is the regular bottle, the box on the left, they have released the same drink, but in a variety of collectors bottles. Need Elixer.

– Harvey


  • I think you mean not enough Gil.

    And you call yourself a Final Fantasy fan!

  • dude everyone knows it’s gil. i like ff’s more wimsical titles like the old ones, 9 and chrystal cronicles. i hated the mmorpg, way too expensive.

  • Oh crap. It’s gil. I’m SO OUT OF IT.

    I’m so jealous of everyone getting the new Final Fantasy here… I swear, if I ever plop down again and become a student, I’m going to GAME MY BRAINS out.

    Would you believe I have never played Metal Gear Solid, 1 OR 2? And I heard 3 is coming out… I never tried PS2… DS… I’ve been out of FF since 7… I want to play Civ4… I’m a wreck!

  • mmmmmm…FF PotioN!

    I wanna try it!

  • Yes, the CM is great… :D

  • Japanese commercials are so stressful. 15 seconds just isn’t long enough.

  • Is it a sin if you never played Final Fantasy? What’s so great in this game anyways? The movie was horrible!

  • The movie -was- lame, but the games are really amazing. If you have access to a playstation or something, I would recommend getting started with Final Fantasy 7.

    If you’re into strategy and epic fantasy stories, like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings and what not, I think you’ll enjoy the Final Fantasy series!

  • spirits within sucked but advent children rocks so shove it vince, no one loves you anyway

  • Yeah I picked up one of those a few weeks ago. They really don’t taste all that great, but not absolutely horrible either. I had to take it in 3 different uses. The top parts on the collectors bottles don’t really connect to the bottle, it just kinda sits on top with no real purpose besides decoration.

    And yes, Spirits sucked, FF games rocked all!

  • “I had to take it in 3 different uses.” Do you mean 3 different gulps?

    Did anyone see Advent Children, the newer Final Fantasy movie? I haven’t, but I heard it it is very good!

  • first off…wow, why cant they bring this stuff out in england!!!! i am just playing FF1 as we speak and Harveyif you have played through FF7 then see Advent Children, if not play through it then watch it!!!

  • Jambrain!

    First of all I love how old posts are getting some attention these days. I wonder what’s up?

    Anyway I have played through FF7! Back during the year it came out, I got it for Christmas when I was back in the states for winter vacation.

    I must have put in an average of 5-6 hours per day into that game. I was determined to finish it before I had to come back to Japan for work. And I did! And I loved it! That game was incredible.

    Anyway, I haven’t seen Advent Children, but I just saw over on Japundit yesterday that it seems to be available online for free somewhere now? I need to check it out!

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  • I recently had the chance to watch Spirit Within on TV a few days ago, and it really was a good movie. The first time I saw it in theaters, I was incredibly disappointed because the story was something completely different than what I expected -and my friends felt the exact same way.

    I’m pretty sure everyone would think that Spirits Within was a kick-ass movie, if only it never had the name Final Fantasy attached to it.

    On the other hand. Advent Children was the equivalent of a porno, created for hardcore FFVII fans to jerk off to.

  • Even I love this series, but never try to eat potion (:.