Korean Air – Spicy Flights

When I was going to Czech I had a day stop over in South Korea, and we flew Korean Airlines.

Everyone knows, (at least in Japan, given their food centered nature…) that Korean Air is famous for the fact that you can eat Bibimbap as an in-flight meal for dinner.

Bibimbap is a difficult to spell, fun to pronounce Korean dish of minced meat, vegetables, rice, and ultra spicy red sauce. The fun thing about Korean Air, is that you get to assemble it yourself! A great chance during spots of turbulence!

1. Open up your pre-heated rice.

2. Dump your rice into the vegetables and meat, and squeeze on the ultra-spice-paste-in-a-tube.


4. Enjoy!

Good stuff.

Safer than the Safest Safe Place

We all know that Japan is a surprisingly safe country.  I think that more than one of us has a story about losing a wallet, only to have it promptly returned, with all he cash in place!

Or once, I personally forgot my entire backpack, PC inside and all, on an extremely local
train (last stop).  I panicked, ran back to the station as soon as I realized (train was long gone), and luckily, a passenger had picked it up and turned it into the station master.  All I had to do was describe the contents and the bag was promptly returned to me.

One time, the local film shop mistakenly forgot to give me back one roll of developed film I turned in… And they remembered and handed it back to me an entire month later! Needless to say, this would not be expected in my home country.

With all these stories of lost items being returned, store cashiers chasing customers down who forget their change… I was starting to believe that there could not be a country possibly any safer!

Until I recently took a trip to the Czech Republic!

This is in a town called Kutna Hora, about one hour from Prague by train. Famous for a Ossuary they have there with chandeliers made of human skulls.  I digress…

When mothers (maybe fathers too? Didn’t see.) shop and have their baby buggies with them, they will leave the baby buggy parked outside of the shop while they go in and do
their shopping!

And I mean with the baby still inside!  So if you can picture it… Strolling along the street with baby in the baby buggy. Happen to pass an interesting shop.  Stop the buggy outside, on the sidewalk (being sure to apply the brakes so it doesn’t roll away of
course), and walking inside to take care of business.
What if while shopping someone walked by and stole the baby?!

Is my home country so uptight and paranoid that I am the only one who worries about this?

Anyway, I think the unattended baby outside phenomenon tops even the uncanny safety of Japan.   You can bet though, that even if I lived in Czech, I would carry my baby inside the store with me!

Vodafone in Czech

I was travelling in Europe a while ago, and came across this interesting (okay, so it’s just slightly funny) advertisement for Vodafone in Prague.

I cannot read Czech (Japanese is hard enough…), and am too lazy to put this through a translator, so if anyone can tell me what it says, please! I guess it says something along the lines of… 1 Czech guy, alone… no idea what the lower portion means.

Funny thing though (in case you completely missed the point of this post) the guy is sitting on a subway in Japan with a classic salary-man sleeping on his shoulder.

Good to know that Japan has a good image around the world!

– Harvey

Korean Nabe – Ultra Spice

The station “Shin-Okubo” near Shinjuku in Tokyo has an unusually high number of Korean food and variety shops around. They even have a Shin-Okubo Korean Food shop map! If you want to get a taste of Korea in Japan, this is the place to go. The restaraunt name is ONDORU.
Possibly the most famous korean food is Kimchee, the most famous variety being the spicy, vegetable variety, I believe it’s cabbage based? In reality though, there are many many different types of Kimchee around.

Anyway… Kimchee is spicy.

But this Kimchee Nabe is so hot, Frodo could have melted the One Ring in it. I kid you not.

Could you imagine the pain if some of this splashed in your eye?!

This dish is called Chijimi, I think. I can’t cook, and know little about food… But I think that this is something like Japanese okonomiyaki, with a lot more green onions. It tastes yum.
If you’re in Tokyo and looking for some authentic Korean food, give Ondoru a try!

– Harvey