Naoshima – Art!

I just got back from a trip to NAOSHIMA (直島). There was an advertisement in Kansai Time Out a few months ago on Naoshima, and I made a point to go after reading it. Metropolis had a piece on it as well. Naoshima is just a small island, but has two major modern art museums, and lots of open-air art pieces as well around the island. The major museums are the Chichu Art Museum(地中) and the Bennesse House. There is also something called the “House Project” (家プロジェクト) in which entire homes on the island are turned into one work of interactive art themselves.

The island is really small, very small. There is one tobacco stand, and everyone knows everyone else it seems. The town map has the “cafe” listed. It’s called Maruya. There’s only one. Hilarious. It’s a great cafe though! And hey… nice blog…

Just to give you a feel of what it is like to explore the island, here is a fun picture story for you to follow.

Wow… what is that off in the distance?

Weird. Better get a little bit closer.

What in the blazes!?

Crimey! A giant pumpkin!

That’s Naoshima!

– Harvey