I went to a New Half bar over the weekend.

Another first in the life of me.

A new-half (ニューハーフ), is a transsexual in Japanese. I have heard that the reason they are called “new-half” is that, in Japanese the term “half” (ハーフ) means someone who is half Japanese, and half foreigner (usually used for western halfs). The new-half, is halfway between the two genders.

Before the show, the hostesses sit around the tables with the customers. We had a chance to talk with Ruko(るこ), and Yukino(雪乃)。

One of the new-halfs who work at this store goes to Nova for English lessons. Of course, since they are all professional transsexuals, she goes to Nova as a lady.

She says that no one can figure her out (見抜く), except for one teacher there who is a homosexual. Apparently they have the sense to figure each other out.

The show was… hard-core? Total nudity. Very confusing.

In other gender news…

Hard Gay is still making a scene in Japan as well.

– Harvey

Japan’s McDonalds Japanese

Sometimes I’m not sure if Japanese is more confusing when you don’t understand a word… Or when you understand just enough to realize how confusing it really can be.


パワーの力 – pawaa no chikara – Powers Power.

So, Power’s Power you say. What does that mean? Well I’ll tell you. It means Power’s Power. Kinda like Weakness’s Weakness. Or Might’s Might. You get the pattern?

Remember Mighty Mouse?

What in the world…

And I think that anyone smart enough to figure out what this ad is trying to say, Japanese or not, is [u]not[/u] going to need the hiragana for 力…

Just to be fair. The character 力 DOES have other meanings. Checking over at Breen’s Dictionary…


力 【ちから; りき; りょく】 (ちから) (n) force; strength; energy; might; power; agency; authority; influence; vigor; stress; emphasis; exertions; endeavors; efficacy; help; support; good offices; ability; faculty; capability; attainment; means; resources; (りき) (n) strength; (りょく) ; (n-suf) strength; power; SP

So… Maybe this means “Power’s Vigor”.

And therefore isn’t weird at all…

Hey. Is this some kind of witty pun that I’m just not understanding? Normally I’m good at this kinda gag… But this… I just don’t get it!

– Harvey