I’m surprised I have never really introduced Takoyaki on this site yet.

Takoyaki is a Japanese food which is basically a little bit of octopus (tako) cooked inside of a pancake-like flour based batter (but not sweet) and covered in katsuobushi (the dancing fish flakes) and aonori (seaweed), as well as takoyaki sauce. Takoyaki sauce tastes surprising similar to okonomiyaki sauce…
When you eat takoyaki out at shops on the street, they are usually making their own sauce so should have a unique taste.

Honestly, I can hardly tell the difference… I’m 鈍感。 And if you want a good explanation of what takoyaki is really made of, and all that goes with it… check the wikipedia entry.

I was living in Tokyo for about 2 years before I came to Osaka, and let me tell you, it is amazing how much more takoyaki is around in Osaka than Tokyo. You can really find Takoyaki at any hour of the day here. Also, it is not only a snack, but people will often eat it for dinner with rice.

In Namba on Doutonbori (道頓堀) there is a famous takoyaki shop. The shop claims to have the biggest in Japan. Number one! I also hear there is an even better place in Shinsaibashi in America-Mura as well.

I wonder what their sign says…

2nd Cheapest

If you want to purchase some second hand electronics in Osaka, but are too lazy to shop around until you find the place to get the most for your yen… you can always shop here.

2nd Cheapest

2nd Cheapest

This is the self proclaimed second cheapest electronics store in Osaka!

大阪で二番目に安い店! (おおさかでにばんめにやすいみせ)

I imagine if they can continue to cut costs, reduce waste, and acquire the lowest quality 2nd hand goods from around Kansai, some day they can be number 1!

I should have gone inside to ask if they could show me where the #1 cheapest shop in Osaka is…

I wonder if they have a sign as well…

Another fun word: 激安! GEKI YASU (げきやすい Geki Yasui) = Freakin’ Cheap!