Ramen – Muteppou 無鉄砲

I waited outside for 50 minutes to eat Ramen on a mountain at the edge of Kyoto at a shop called 無鉄砲 “Muteppou”. Muteppou literally means “without gun”.

This shop is only accessible by car, so I was lucky that a friend offered to drive me there. The shop itself is very nice as far as Ramen Shops go. It is in a giant wooden building that looks like an expensive lodge. Apparently, it is one of the most delicious Ramen shops in the area. This was the 本店 “honten”, the head shop. There is one more shop in Nara which is smaller but just as delicious.

They are famous for Tonkotsu Ramen, and Cyasyuumen. Their gyoza is also very good!

When you order Ramen at this restaurant you have three options for customization. You adjust your levels of noodle hardness, soup thickness, and green onion volume.

Soup: あっさり , Onions: 多め, Noodles: 固め でお願いします!

The soup is normally very thick as far as Ramen goes, so my friend recommended we take “assari”. He was right, even then it was so thick it was hard to drink every last drop. I don’t think I have ever gotten so full from Ramen before…

Go in the winter, the freezing cold makes the Ramen taste even better when you finally get in!

– Harvey