Kit Kat – Revisited

A while ago I posted about Green Tea Kit Kat. Someone commented on that to mention that there were new flavors of Kit Kit out as well, and I happened to run into those at a convienence store too.

Yum… Can you taste it?

Melon and, Passion Fruit. I haven’t tried either one yet.

I was surprised how many websites there are now for buying Japanese snacks from abroad… We could buy Pocky in the asian foods store at near my university campus… That was a pretty hardcore, by-Koreans-for-Koreans type of place though. Not exactly mainstream among the locals of that small US town. It seems like the need for Japanese snacks is a bit more mainstream now… Seems so anyway.

They don’t sell Pocky in Hy-Vee or Dahl’s or anywhere like that do they?

What’s the deal? What’s wrong with American snacks? Are Japanese snacks so much more delicious than our Cheeto’s and Dorito’s? What about Jolly Ranchers?? And Gummy Bears!!!

Hi-Cyuu is pretty good though…



Bad Smoker!

What kind of smoker are you?

Going for a cheap shot with the funny English post.

[Click for Larger Image]

This poster was apparently designed by a college kid in Kyoto. There were a few of similar ones on display in Namba. “Are you a good smoker, or BITCH smoker? Depends on you.” It taunts. I don’t smoke so hah. Seems Japan is starting to ganbaru a bit with the anti-smoking campaigns.

Seriously though, smoking is annoying in Japan. Too many smokers, not enough space. I must have tripled my daily intake of second hand smoke since I moved here.

Normally I prefer to duck into locally run coffee shops when I need a place to get caffine, and study. But the large number of smokers usually has me running to the corporate comfort of Starbucks or Tully’s Coffee.

Too bad…

I do recall once seeing a big list of non-smoking establishments in Tokyo…


Vending Machines – Hot Stuff!

Hot Vending

This post needs little explanation.

These pictures were taken at a usual highway rest stop in Japan.

I suspect that everyone has heard of the amazing variety of vending
machines in Japan, but this was just a little bit surprising even for me.

You can get hot foods out of this thing. Hot dogs, fries, onigiri, tai-yaki,
you want, you got it. (You want it… You got it♪ You want it… Bust-a-Move!)



Kids Love Natto

Kids love Natto. Even American kids. If you love Japanese food, you gotta try Natto. I recommend asking for Natto by name when you go to a Japanese restaraunt.

Look at the lovely kid loving Natto! Yum!

The story of stinky rotten Natto has been done so many times though I have little to add. One thing though. I went into a regular restaraunt in Tokyo once with a friend who wasn’t going to be in Japan very long, so I begged the shop keeper for natto. They didn’t have it on the menu, but they were able to some how scrounge up a special cup of Natto just for us! Now that’s service!

Strangely though, my friend was able to eat it…

This is the first website that comes up when you search Google for Natto.

And I quote…

“Natto is fermented soybeans that is a traditional Japanese staple for more than 1,000 years. Recently its medical benefits are widely recognized in Japan resulting in its increased popularity. Some of its beneficial effects are prevention of heart attacks, strokes, cancer, osteoporosis, obesity and intestinal disease caused by pathogens. Some of the effects are attributed to its soybean origin.”

Healthy or not. I’m not eating it.

That website will also show you how to get Natto bacteria in the states so you can grow your own if you want to… I really have never met a foreigner in Japan who really likes Natto though. I know people who will eat it… But they usual admit that they don’t especially enjoy it.

I’m proud to say that Natto, Uni, that Torotoro stuff, and KaniMiso are some of the Japanese foods that I refuse 100% of the time.