Happy Victims

I went to a the Center of National Photography in Paris today. You can find the article by following the Exhibitions, current (for now anyway), and Kyoichi Tsuzuki. Other articles, 2, 3. I heard
that a Japanese guy had an exhibit called ‘Happy Victims’, so I decided
to give it a look.

Yeah. That’s my thought process. Photograph. Japanese guy. I better check it out! I’m that kinda guy.

The exhibit showed maybe 20 pictures of fashion obsessed Japanese people’s rooms. The photographer was actively searching for extreme cases of the clothes obsessed, especially those who tended to stick to one particular brand.

The pictures themselves were interesting, but even more interesting for me were the stories behind the people.

There was an example of this guy in Tokyo who loved the brand ‘Hermes’. He had this briefcase that he would bring to work that cost 500000 yen. Yeah. I didn’t screw up my zeros. That’s near 5-freakin-thousand dollars of freakin briefcase. Since he gets sweaty on the way to work, he carries the briefcase with a towel as to not dirty the handle.


There were also stories of a lady who is obsessed with Gucci. She receives faxes from her local Gucci store whenever new merchandise is scheduled to arrive. She had garments to show the photographer that had never been worn.

What. The heck.

Yet another guy said that he only buys some other expensive brand whose name I forgot… because he liked the way the tag looked… Sure.

There were also pictures of some Goth girls, a super hero lover with dozens of silk super hero ties, a lady who -only- wore Vivian stuff, and others.

Some of the people depicted in these pictures are people in the fashion industry themselves, others are students, housewives, and regular old salary men like yours truly. If clothes are your thing, I guess it’s okay to have 20 pairs of Gucci shoes… But I can guarantee that you will -never- see me doing anything even -remotely- similar.

Unless I trip over a pile of cash and can suddenly afford tons of Apple gear…