“Stupeur et tremblements”

I got out and saw “Stupeur et tremblements” over the weekend.

I may miss a detail in my forthcoming summary here or there, so if you’re really interested check it out for yourself…

Here I go.

“Stupeur et tremblements” is a movie that is based on a book written by a Belgian girl currently living in France. I hear the girl is kinda nuts…

Anyway, this girl was born in Japan, and eventually came to work in a large Japanese company. She had a -really crappy time- and had all sorts of problems, so came back to Europe, France… and wrote a book about her experiences. The book was incredibly popular, and was made into this.

Apparently the movie was right on the money, and the author was very pleased with it.

(Note how I haven’t bothered to look up the authors name for you… or double check my facts… That’s how much of a slacker I am.)

The main character in the movie can speak great Japanese, but runs into many problems with the Japanese work culture during the job. At one point she is told not to let the other employees know that she can speak Japanese because it will embarrass client to the organization.

Personally, I haven’t experienced anything as crazy as the things that happen in this movie… but then again. I work for a 外資系 (gaishikei, foreign company).

Check this movie out if you have the chance. On the other hand, I hear that Beat Takeshi’s Dolls is all imagery and no plot.

Movie: 少女

I went to see Two Towers today, in English… yeah, but the French Subtitles -did- help my French out a bit! Really!

Anyway… The theatre also had a poster for this film. It is called Syojyo, the French title seems to be Adolescent, and in Japanese Shojyo means ‘young girl’.

I have no idea what the movie is about… but look, she’s getting a back tattoo. It must involve Yakuza… Gotta be cool. On another note, a movie called “Stupeur et tremblements” about a French lady who goes to Japan was also popular here a while ago. I wanna see it.

Shojyo Poster