Gloomy Bear

Sorry I haven’t updated in so long… I’m kind of a slacker…

I was at Villiage Vangaurd in Shimokitazawa the other day, and noticed a freakin hilarious animated character for sale.

His name is Gloomy Bear. Gloomy Bear is a large, two meter tall pink cuddly bear with huge claws and fangs that he uses to rip into kids, and other people who appear in his illustrations.

The guy who works on Gloomy Bear is named CHAX and I know nothing about him…

Dig around the sites and check out the animations with Gloomy Bear wreaking havoc on the people…

The word for the week is ‘Yandeiru’ 「病んでいる」 which I guess pretty much means… grieving… or suffering… it is how my friend described Gloomy Bear art when he first saw it.

Let me know what you think of this stuff.

Here are some gloomy goods
and more!

International Center

This entry is in Japanese… with weird unnatural English translations.


This weekend I was invited to go to the Kawasaki International Center by one of my Japanese friends… so I went there.


I have hardly ever gone to International Centers in Japan before this… but I think I’ll start checking them out more often if I have time.


This time I went to see a reggae event, but not only during times when they have special events, there are other people who go to the center to just study Japanese, check out the library, and do other things, it seems.

あのイベントでいろんな人と話ができてすごく面白かった。東京大学に入って、ArchitectureのPhDを取っている人とか(しかも、この人は歌舞伎町の大人のためのナイトスポットについての論文を書いているよ!研究のために怪しいところに行ったりしていると言ってた。すごいね〜)、いろんな国の大使館で働いている人とか、Crazy Irish peopleまで。アメリカから来ている人は一人も会わなかった〜全員としゃべっているわけじゃないけどね。

At this event I was able to talk to lots of different people, it was really interesting. I met some people from Tokyo University who came to Japan to get a PhD in architecture. One girl was writing a thesis about the architecture in Kabuki-cho, especially in the shady night spots! Cool! I also met people who work in Embassies, crazy Irish people… and others. I didn’t meet any other Americans there. Maybe I was the only one? I didn’t talk to everyone there that night though, of course.


Anyway… it was a good time. Check out your local International Center if you’re living in Japan!


I wonder if cities in the states have the same sort of places….